The perils of unfocused-focus-ness or over-exposure of the mind

If you are the type of photographer who wanders the streets with his/her camera, looking for interesting things to shoot, and hoping someone or something interesting happens, scanning your environment with a high refresh rate, not willing to miss a millimetre or a millisecond (are you still with me?), you know how fast how exhausted you can get. You may put the cap on your lens after a while, but you cannot close your eyes or turn off your brain. You keep looking around, paying too much attention to useless detail instinctively, and your brain cannot handle this much information; Over-exposed!

Black & White

What make us drawn to black and white photos? The blacks or the whites? The dark tones or the light? Do we consider them as real and earthly, or surreal and magical? Do we not trust colours? Are colours deceiving or distracting? Are black and white photos truer to the spirit of photography? Is it because the art of photography began in black and white only? Is it nostalgia? Are black and white photos more dramatic? Are they depressing? Are we all secretly depressed?