I am working towards my doctorate degree in the Complex Fluids Lab at The University of British Columbia. My research is on displacement flow of miscible fluids in inclined pipe, in presence of density and viscosity contrast. This work is motivated by many industrial processes where a fluid needs to be displaced or washed from a pipe, mainly the primary cementing stage of oil/gas well production where inefficient displacement may lead to leakage and explosion. I am studying this problem through experiments, numerical simulations and mathematical modelling.

MASc, UVic


I got my Master's of Applied Science degree from University of Victoria. I worked in Nanoscale Materials, Mechanics and Transport (NMMT) Lab with focus on guard-heated thin-film wall shear stress sensors for turbulent flows.



I graduated from University of Tehran in 2011. For my thesis I worked on developing a finite-volume Lattice-Boltzmann method for fluid flow with heat transfer.

Graduate Courses

  • Mathematics Teaching Techniques (MATH599)

  • Viscoplastic Fluids (MATH519): 93/100 A+

  • Methods of Asymptotic Analysis (MATH550) : 91/100 A+

  • Fluid Mechanics (MECH502): 100/100 A+

  • Computational Methods in Transport Phenomena I (MECH510): 87/100 A

  • Directed Studies: Turbulence - Thermal Anemometry Techniques (MECH590) A-

  • Advanced Topics in Fuel Cell Science and Technology (MECH580): A-

  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics (MECH531): A+

  • Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics (MECH535): A+

  • Directed Studies: Turbulence and Wind Turbines (MECH590): A+

  • Advanced Engineering Analysis (MECH601): A+

Some Undergraduate Courses

  • Gas Dynamics
  • Optimization Methods
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Solar Energies
  • Power Plant Technologies
  • Numerical Methods
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics